Xbox Series X will be able to resume games after reboots

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed a lot of new details about the Xbox Series X. The blog post Microsoft published discussed a lot of things, from details about the console’s CPU and GPU to new information about the SSD and its capabilities. In a follow-up to that post, Xbox’s Larry Hyrb has published a new episode of his Major Nelson Podcast in which he interviews Xbox director of product…

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Galaxy S20 Ultra review: something to prove

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing and first impressions

Galaxy S20 Ultra review: something to prove

Scientists find a more efficient way to produce hydrogen from organic waste

While most people think of electricity and EVs when they think of zero-emissions driving, there is another technology that promises no pollution. Vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells are another option, but the challenge now is a hydrogen fueling infrastructure and the production of hydrogen. Scientists at Tokyo University of Science have found a new technique of using rust and light to speed…

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Oral B iO AI Toothbrush: Mouth Tech Isn’t a Fad

Why the Nintendo PlayStation is worth so much

Galaxy A: Best of #danceAwesome | Samsung

MIT creates autonomous auto tech that looks underneath snow and rain

Huge amounts of time and research are being poured into autonomous auto research all around the world. MIT has announced that it has been working on a system that could benefit autonomous autos driving in snow or rain. The new system the team developed uses an existing technology called ground-penetrating radar to send electromagnetic pulses underground.


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Galaxy S20 Ultra review: Samsung’s AWESOME camera is just too expensive