Sony Xperia Touch – Android Powered Touch Proj…

Sony Xperia Touch – Android Powered Touch Projector

Turn any flat surface into an interactive and collaborative touchscreen
with the all-new Xperia Touch, a compact short-throw laser projector
that will transform how you communicate, share information, and enjoy
entertainment. This small, lightweight, and portable device displays
large images (23” to 80”) on walls, tables, floors, and other flat
surfaces. Use touch and voice control to interact and collaborate
creatively with others while watching movies, playing games, or leaving
notes projected onto any flat surface. With its innovative sensors, 13MP
camera, and quality stereo speakers, it brings people together to
interact and share in the office and at home in fun, creative ways –
whether that’s tackling a project with colleagues, following cooking
recipes off the kitchen counter with the kids, or video calling via the
big screen to the grandparents. Powered by Android and optimized by
Xperia for the large screen, the Xperia Touch is easy to use with a
familiar and customizable interface that provides access to a series of
interactive apps and services.