Soarigami Airplane Portable Armrest Extender/D…

Soarigami Airplane Portable Armrest Extender/Divider

We know that travel can be stressful. Fighting for the airplane
armrest is consistently ranked as one of the most annoying things about
flying. Convention dictates that the middle seat should get both
armrests, while the aisle and middle should each get one. But what about
a row of four? What about those times when you’re stuck between two
people who don’t follow these unwritten rules?

With Soarigami, you get a win-win solution. We strongly suggest that
before using the device, simply ask your neighbor to see if they are
willing to share. The goal of Soarigami is to unfold savvier skies
through sharing and promoting peace. It’s perfect for families who
travel together, especially those with young children. And it’s perfect
for buses, trains, movie theaters, stadiums, etc. — anywhere with a
stingy armrest!

Soarigami was invented after one too many armrest wars. After many
design iterations, our founder folded her sketches into an origami paper
airplane and launched it into the air. When that paper airplane landed
upside down, Soarigami was born.

The tapered airplane tapered wing design does not cut into your side
(insider tip: install Soarigami “reverse” with the nose facing you). The
screws adjust the rubberized clamps to fit a wide variety of armrest
widths, and you can position the Soarigami as close or as far away as
you want to ensure maximum comfort.