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Shot on iPhone 11 Pro — Lady Gaga — Apple

Powerbeats 4 pops up at FCC confirming new design

Apple may have its AirPods but not all Apple fans, even the hardcore ones, buy into it, whether because of its design or its audio quality. Fortunately for Apple, it also owns Beats, both the brand and the audio technology, to give consumers more options that still profit it in the long run. And those who prefer the audio company’s ergonomics might be happy to hear, no pun intended, that a new…

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Apple tipped to release iPad keyboard with trackpad later this year

The iPad Pro may soon be far more useful as a productivity device, at least if a new report is true. A leak alleges that Apple will release a new keyboard for the iPad that features a trackpad, adding the sorely needed functionality that would make the iPad Pro more useful as a laptop replacement. The new keyboard, if it is launched, will join Apple’s existing — and trackpad-free — iPad keyboard.

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iOS 13.4 beta reveals wireless OTA OS Recovery coming soon

Apple takes pride in the usability and stability of its software, especially its mobile platform, but bugs are inescapable and even the great iOS may lock up or blow in someone’s face. Especially given the company’s history with certain releases. Often, the last resort is to restore the iPhone or iPad by connecting it to a computer but it seems that Apple is finally coming up with a way that to…

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Eero just added Apple HomeKit support

Eero today announced that it has added Apple HomeKit support to its lineup of routers. The idea of flipping the switch on HomeKit support is to make IoT setups more secure, but of course, there’s also the benefit of being able to control your router through the Apple Home app. Support is rolling out today, with Eero putting together a multi-part post on its help site to guide people through the…

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Apple Watch study sees Johnson & Johnson put stroke risk reduction to the test

The irregular heart rate alert and ECG feature on the latest Apple Watch is being put to the test, with Johnson & Johnson and Apple collaborating on a new study to see whether the smartwatch can help cut down on strokes. The pharma company has released a new app, Heartline Study, and is inviting Apple Watch wearers to take part in its AFib tracking.


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