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Android 11 Quick Settings icons get colorful in red, green, blue, and yellow

Upon digging deep within the code for the first Android 11 / Android R developer preview Beta build of Google’s new mobile OS, colors were discovered! Colors were found in a code dump from the Google Pixel 4 version of Android 11 DP1 (developer preview 1) here in February of 2020. The colors available seem to match those of Google’s own logo, with Google-logo-toned yellow, red, green, and blue.

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Google Pixel 5 release for testing up on AOSP

Google Pixel 5 was revealed – for the first time, in text, by a Google developer – in AOSP. AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project, and it represents part of the larger Google/Android equation. Android is currently called an “open source” operating system, and development can be seen in part on the internet with code commits with the Android Open Source Project – that’s where the Google…

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Pixel 5 prototype leak is sending shivers down the Internet’s spine

Google has always been accused of trying to copy Apple but there are cases when that can actually be a good thing. For a time, it seemed that the tech giant has finally come across its own confident aesthetic identity, one that fans of both software and hardware products can be proud of. Then along came the Pixel 4, which seemed to throw a wrench in that theory. And just when you thought the…

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Pixel Live Caption may be coming to the Chrome browser

Google loves showing off its AI chops and especially the speech recognition in Google Assistant. It might simply be frivolous convenience for some while others may even be worried about the privacy implications of things like Duplex and Call Screening. Last year, however, Google revealed an application of these technologies that few will argue isn’t helpful to everyone. Fortunately, it seems that…

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Pixel 5 could feature an Ultra Low Power mode

Smartphones are getting more and more powerful but batteries are barely able to keep up. We are pretty much left with band-aid solutions like quick charging, no matter how fast and impressive they may be. Making software more energy-efficient is also a much-needed fix but, sooner or later, you will run out of juice. It seems that Google is preparing something for this year’s Pixel phone that will…

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Automatic Call Screening is now available on all Pixel phones

Spam calls, despite the rather tasty name, have devastating effects on the industry both in terms of dollars lost as well as in people harmed. It is only now, however, that the industry is making a concerted effort to solve the problem but inter-carrier solutions are taking some time to take effect. In the meantime, Google has rolled out its own fix, naturally powered by AI and Google Assistant,…

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Pixel 4a leak hints at no 5G for mid-range 2020 Google phone

We are about to get flooded by a few high-end and mid-range phones in the coming weeks leading up to and culminating at MWC 2020 but Android purists might already have had their fill with the Pixel 4 last year. That said, the price point of Google’s premium phone has scared off not a few Android faithful. That’s where the wallet-friendly “a” variants come in and if the current information we have…

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Pixel 2 finally gets Live Caption, sideloading required

The Pixel 4 may have been a dud rather than a bang when it came to hardware but, as with other Pixels before it, Google has more or less made up for it in terms of software. In addition to the usual AI-based camera tricks, the Pixel 4 flaunted a few features that, technically speaking, is part of the general Android 10 release. That includes Live Captions, which is now available on all Pixel…

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Small tweaks we wish these smartphone brands would make

Do you ever look at someone else’s phone and wish you had just that one feature that would make your phone perfect? We all want the flawless device, but many manufacturers insist on certain designs and features that put it shy of perfection. A phone may have the best camera in the business but have an atrocious camera arrangement; another phone could have max-ed out specs but miss out on sturdy…

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While the Pixel 4 launched with impressive new features that, at least for a while, remain exclusive to Google’s 2019 flagship, there is still some argument whether the phone in itself is truly worth its price. Coincidentally, that was the very same question that the Pixel 3 faced last year which was indirectly answered by the Pixel 3a in May. Given the success of that mid-tier phone, there is a strong expectation that there will be a Pixel 4a in a few months as well but the unofficial renders of the device depict something like a Frankenstein of smartphone designs.

While sharing many traits in common, especially when it comes to software, Google didn’t make it a secret who the Pixel 3a was made for. It caters to the segment of the smartphone market who want the best and purest Android experience but, for one reason or another, aren’t able to “upgrade” to the latest and greatest handsets. These are also the segment that will hang on to their beloved wired headphones because Bluetooth ones are also out of reach.

That goal has informed at least one design aspect of the Pixel 3a and that continues with the Pixel 4a, at least based on the 3D renders provided by 91mobiles and @OnLeaks. Yes, that does mean that it still has a headphone jack but that might not be its only design “quirk” in relation to the Pixel 4. Whereas previous Pixels have been criticized for notches and thick bezels, it seems that the Pixel 4a will go the other extreme.

There are no notches and barely any bezel top and bottom in these renders. Instead, only a small punch-hole cutout for the camera can be seen on the corner of the screen. That suggests that the Pixel 4a won’t have its older sibling’s front-facing sensors, including the Soli radar. And in case you’re wondering, there’s a fingerprint scanner on the back to fill in the biometrics gap.

That back also houses the same square camera bump that unfortunately might have only one 12 megapixel camera accompanied by an LED flash. Suffice it to say, Google will really be cutting more corners compared to the Pixel 3a in order to bring the price down to a more affordable point.

Pixel 4a renders reveal a mix of old and new designs

While the Pixel 4 launched with impressive new features that, at least for a while, remain exclusive to Google’s 2019 flagship, there is still some argument whether the phone in itself is truly worth its price.