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Galaxy S10 Android 10 beta puts the spotlight on One UI changes

Samsung has gotten a lot of flack for its heavily modified Android UX, formerly called TouchWiz. It has changed it ways and the software’s name over the past years but, truth be told, it just can’t full throw away all the custom changes and features it has accumulated over the years. Unsurprising, when it announces the start of the Android 10 beta program for the Galaxy S10, it focuses not on…

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Galaxy Fold Premier Service is now available for US owners

The Galaxy Fold is arguably one of the most expensive non-gold, non-luxury smartphones targeted at the consumer market. It is also arguably one of the oddest and most unconventional out there. That was the bitter truth that Samsung realized after just a day of the first batch out in the wild. Expecting that buyers of the $2,000 phone will need special guidance, it has created its so-called…

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Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a variant away from USA, for now

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite was revealed in a leak today as a slightly lesser relative to the already on-sale Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus. The newest version of the Galaxy Note 10 will be sold in a tier lower than that of the Galaxy Note 10+ with its 6.8-inch display, and lower than that of the 6.3-inch display-toting Galaxy Note 10. This newest Galaxy Note 10 Lite will apparently bring the S…

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Galaxy Watch Active2: Under Armour

OLED burn-in checker l Samsung

Galaxy Fold is difficult to repair as it is easy to break

The media frenzy around the Galaxy Fold has seemingly died out a bit. The jury is already out with the verdict and while Samsung’s redesigned foldable phone is indeed stronger than the first, it’s still a fragile expensive piece of technology. Which is also why Samsung has come up with a new “customer experience” which is basically just an amped-up customer and repair service. But spin it any…

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Affordable Galaxy Note for Europe rumor refuses to die

The Galaxy Note and Europe have had an odd relationship. Not too long ago, Samsung decided that the European market didn’t need or want an S Pen phablet. Times have changed, of course, and the Galaxy Note line is a bit more global now. Now it seems that Samsung is again making an exception for the region as rumors of a cheaper, mid-range Galaxy Note continues to surface, this time including even…

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Android 10 beta for Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 9 is almost here

Once the bane of Android updates, Samsung has changed its ways and has strived to deliver updates, both major ones and monthly patches, more regularly than before. It is by no means perfect, mind, and there have been delays or broken updates here and there. To its credit, however, Samsung is at least publicly trying to keep up with its commitment years ago. It has just started testing Android 10…

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