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Vivo APEX 2020 concept packs astounding zoom and wireless charging you won’t believe

It’s that time of year again, as Vivo has revealed its APEX concept smartphone for 2020. As this is a concept, you won’t be able to buy the APEX 2020 and use it as your daily driver, but it could be our clue into some of the technologies Vivo will implement in its consumer smartphones throughout the year. If nothing else, Vivo’s APEX concepts show us what kind of flagship we might get if cost…

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Galaxy S20: How to use Bright Night | Samsung

Galaxy S20: How to use 8K Video Snap | Samsung

Galaxy S20: How to use Super Steady | Samsung

Galaxy S20: How to use Space Zoom | Samsung

An alternate 2019 top 10 phones list: Cheaper still wins

Earlier today we saw some analysis done on sales of smartphone units in the year 2019 from the company called Counterpoint. We learned that the iPhone XR dominated the globe, followed by the iPhone 11 and a few Samsung Galaxy A smartphones. Now we’ve got some results from another firm, a firm that doesn’t track smartphone sales, but smartphone shipments – that’s a different part of the puzzle,…

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$900,000 to unlock my iPhone!

Big Spotify app update seems ideal for drivers

If you’re on an iPhone today, you’ll see changes to Spotify in the next few hours. If you’re using an Android device, you’ll find Spotify updating “soon”. If you’re on any mobile device and you’ve been waiting for Spotify to give you something new – beyond new media, of course – you’re in luck. Today’s reveal from Spotify shows the app taken out a whole new door.


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The 2019 global smartphone sales top 10 list is here

This week the folks at analytical group Counterpoint released their smartphone unit sales numbers for the year 2019. This covers the entire 12 month period of the year 2019, in all regions around the globe. According to Counterpoint, Apple, Samsung, and one other brand dominated the top list.


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