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It isn’t just events and conferences that are being put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even software developers have started announcing a slight pause in their release cycles, both due to the decrease in human resources but also to ensure that users will be able to keep a proven stable version of the program. That is certainly true for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers but now…

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Microsoft initially distanced its own Project xCloud game streaming service from Google Stadia by focusing initially on one device class only. Specifically, the current iteration allowed players to stream Xbox One games from Microsoft’s cloud to their smartphones. That distinction, however, won’t last for long and Microsoft is apparently already running a few internal tests of Project xCloud streaming to the Xbox’s closest cousin: Windows 10 PCs.

It would definitely be a waste if Microsoft didn’t support Xbox streaming to PCs, especially considering how much more money by letting users live on both platforms with just one device. Every PC gamer can, in effect, become an Xbox gamer. All they need is a Windows 10 computer, a wireless Xbox controller, and, of course, a fast Internet connection. Or maybe not even the last one.

The Verge got hold of a few screenshots and insider notes on how this xCloud Windows 10 streaming will happen. There is an Xbox Game Streaming app, of course, and an initial selection of games. Those include Batman titles, Borderlands 2 and its Pre-Sequel, Absolver, and more. According to internal testers, the service only supports 720p streaming for now but Microsoft will eventually roll out 1080p support soon.

Unlike Stadia, xCloud gives users the option to stream from their local Xbox console if they like. Most, however, would probably utilize Microsoft’s xCloud server blades. Those have been upgraded to form a cluster of eight Xboxes in one server, up from the previous four. The company is also preparing to update these to Xbox Series X hardware that would be capable of running four Xbox One S instances on a single chip.

There is no word yet on when Microsoft plans on making xCloud for Windows 10 available to external testers. Given that screenshots and details are already now more available, it might not be long now before it becomes public.


Project xCloud Windows 10 game streaming might be close to public beta

Microsoft initially distanced its own Project xCloud game streaming service from Google Stadia by focusing initially on one device class only.

Windows 10 is the most dynamic version of Windows yet. Not only does it get rolling updates in between bi-annual major feature updates, Microsoft has also changed its appearance, albeit in small bits and pieces only. Windows 10, however, is due for a major visual overhaul, along with some behavior changes. Microsoft has been teasing bits and pieces of that future but Panos Panay has just given the public its biggest peek yet.

A lot is changing in Windows 10, though Microsoft has mostly talked about the icons and its Fluent design language. The video Panay shared on Instagram was made to commemorate Windows reaching a 1 billion milestone and it briefly chronicles the evolution of the Windows logo through the years. Fortunately, there was also plenty of material when comparing the current Windows 10 to the upcoming new design.

The biggest and most prominent change has to do not just with the icons but the way they are presented in the Start Menu. Colors have shifted away from the tile background to the icons themselves, leaving the tiles more like translucent glass between the icon and the Start Menu’s surface. Live Tiles are also still there but they now have a different representation as Wide tiles.

File Explorer and Calendar apps get their new, clean look while the right-click context menu has apparently acquired a Back action. The items on the taskbar are also getting both a visual change and a cleanup while keeping much of the functionality the same.

Windows is embarking on a new era, and not just because Windows 10 reached 1 billion devices. Microsoft is mixing it up and redefining it to work in different contexts and even different kinds of devices. Unfortunately, all of these admittedly beautiful changes will be lost on users if Microsoft doesn’t clean up its update act.

New Windows 10 design teased in 1 billion milestone video

Windows 10 is the most dynamic version of Windows yet. Not only does it get rolling updates in between bi-annual major feature updates, Microsoft has also changed its appearance, albeit in small bits and pieces only.

COVID-19 measures, many of which have involved voluntary or imposed quarantines, have made software become even more critical to people’s lives. Ensuring that they have access to stable and secure versions of most used programs, like web browsers or, more importantly, operating systems is even more crucial during this period, To take a load off people’s already stressed minds, Microsoft is…

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Microsoft is proudly announcing that Windows 10 has reached a historical milestone. The latest version of its operating system is now on more than one billion devices all over the world. Although not completely unexpected, it’s admittedly an impressive statistic. And when you consider how Windows 10 continues to be one of Microsoft’s most troubled releases in its history, it may even seem like a…

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The newest AMD Ryzen 9 4000 mobile series chips were revealed today with the power and features to take on Intel’s latest Core i9 laptop collection. Two new laptop-aimed CPU units were revealed this morning by AMD, one the Ryzen 9 4900H, the other the Ryzen 9 4900HS. Both are based on AMD’s 7nm Zen 2 architecture, and are scheduled to be appearing in notebook computers in the next few weeks.


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Windows 10 KB4535996 update fixes Search bug, adds some more

Given that there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of computers running Windows, you’d think that Microsoft would exercise extreme caution when rolling out updates. Given how it has landed with egg on its face so many times already, you’d presume it has already learned its lesson hard. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however, if the latest update it released barely two weeks ago is any…

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Windows 10 Live Tiles are here to stay for now

Whatever changes Microsoft may have for the future of the venerable Windows Start Menu, it might not be as drastic as some expect or even hope. On the one hand, that’s a good thing since it will still be a mostly familiar experience. On the other hand, it may also mean that Microsoft isn’t yet ready to throw out something that may already be generally if not completely disliked and abandoned,…

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Windows 10 Start Menu to ditch Live Tiles, look more like Windows 10X

When Microsoft launched Windows 8, desktop users were taken aback by the strange new Start Screen (it wasn’t even just a menu back then). Not only were their programs presented in a grid with large colored boxes, some of those boxes would regularly flip to show some information gathered from the app or from an online source. These Live Tiles may have been a hit on the Windows Phone but they have…

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Surface Duo phone “peek” feature leaked, prodding all other foldables

If there were a way to make Microsoft’s efforts with software for the Surface Duo work on a device like the LG V60 ThinQ, it’d be great. The latest leak of the Microsoft Surface Duo shows a device that’s on the cutting edge of feature functionality. It’ll be like a book, opening with a pair of displays that run software that’ll function sort of like a tablet, sort of like a phone, sort of like a…

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